Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quiznos. It's been a long time. Tonight after our trip to Carthage to get our hair cut, we decided to grab dinner at Quiznos. It was yummy. We got our "usual" . It's the very low fat Honey Bourbon Chicken. 380 Calories, small, on wheat.
I also finally exercised a full program tonight! It's been 5 days since this ridiculous cold hit me and knocked me out. I only had to back off weights on 2 exercises. 7 more workouts to go and I'm done with ChaLean. I'm so ready for RevAbs! I can't believe crazy Anne is doing Insanity. It's insane! Who the heck wants to exercise in a pool of your own sweat? Yes, I'm jealous. :)
I got to visit with my former step-sons, Alex and Ben, last night. They're going to make BSU fun for Craig. I just hope they behave! Not likely, but still hoping. They are tall, tall, tall and so cute. I'm please that I can still tell them apart. They are my birthday buddies!

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  1. Crazy Anne, huh? You know I'm following your blog! :) hahaha

    Rev Abs can't come soon enough. I love the workout we got as a freebie with the One on One subscription!

    Way to Go, Redawna!! You are an awesome coach. So glad to have you on our team of successful Beachbody Coaches!