Monday, August 31, 2009

Icing the Collarbone

Chiropractor's are amazing in my book. Sunday something really scarey happened. Out of the blue, while sorting laundry, of all things, I got a terrible pain / cramp in my left shoulder and down my back. It brought tears. It really was not something I've ever felt before. I waited, felt my pulse was completely normal, and I felt fine otherwise. The more I tried to stretch it, the worse it got. I had a total stiff neck within a few hours and told Greg who I wanted to sing at my funeral. Dramatic, yes.
Today, I went to the doctor. I felt somewhat better, but could tell all my muscles were still ready to scream at me. After determining I didn't have a heart attack, I explained that the centralized pain was on my collarbone. He touched it once and ordered xrays. As expected, the xrays showed no breaks or fractures. Remember, I was sorting and folding clothes! He determined it was probably a sudden flair up of arthritis. Wow. I picked up my anti-inflammatory meds at the local $4.00 prescription place and called my bff to vent. How stupid. Arthritis?
Within the hour, and after talking it over with Greg and Julie, (employee / niece-in-law) I visited my chiropractor. He, bless his heart, took time to listen to me, inspect the collarbone and validate that it probably was not an arthritis sudden flair up.
What he did was pop that collarbone back into it's place that God designed for it. Sweet relief.
I felt so much better, I worked out tonight. Since he said to take it easy on the push ups for a while, I only did them on my knees. :) I've only got a few more days of ChaLean Extreme to go and I refuse to just quit now! So, at this moment, I'm reclining on my bed, with an ice pack on my collarbone, as ordered, and my cute, tiny netbook propped just so, on my lap. Quite a sight, I'm sure.
Since there is quite a bit of swelling, I will take my $4.00 medication. It says it may cause drowsiness. Not yet. But I hope soon. I've got a full massage scheduled for tomorrow night. Joy upon joy!
Night all!

Friday, August 28, 2009

ChaLean Extreme .... almost done

This has been a rough week for me. After the boys left for college, I got sick that night. Yeah, the boys both left for college the same day. One is a Senior, one is a Freshman. I thought I was just exhausted and run down. This ridiculous cold smacked me up side the head so hard, I felt horrible. So, when I'm that tired and exhausted, I choose not work out. Five days, no exercise. Now, I'm back into it and still feel too tired to finish. Part of me is wondering is it because I didn't have any recovery drink with whey powder that week? Is it just exhaustion and my body's need for more rest? Two weeks ago, I did 12 traveling pushups on my toes. Tonight I barely got to 7. I felt pathetic.
So, I made my recovery drink and vow to continue on. I must keep going! I refuse to quit with only a few workouts left!
Craig caught a ride home tonight from college and he's doing laundry and visiting with friends. He needs to shave. :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quiznos. It's been a long time. Tonight after our trip to Carthage to get our hair cut, we decided to grab dinner at Quiznos. It was yummy. We got our "usual" . It's the very low fat Honey Bourbon Chicken. 380 Calories, small, on wheat.
I also finally exercised a full program tonight! It's been 5 days since this ridiculous cold hit me and knocked me out. I only had to back off weights on 2 exercises. 7 more workouts to go and I'm done with ChaLean. I'm so ready for RevAbs! I can't believe crazy Anne is doing Insanity. It's insane! Who the heck wants to exercise in a pool of your own sweat? Yes, I'm jealous. :)
I got to visit with my former step-sons, Alex and Ben, last night. They're going to make BSU fun for Craig. I just hope they behave! Not likely, but still hoping. They are tall, tall, tall and so cute. I'm please that I can still tell them apart. They are my birthday buddies!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh my. Sleep is a wonderful thing. For the last 3 nights, I've managed to sleep 10 hours each night. Well, maybe not 10 solid hours. It's more like sleep 4, get up, take cough medicine, use the inhaler, lay on the couch for an hour, then go back to bed. But, it works. I've been sleeping and breathing more and coughing less. Today will be even better. Greg brought me breakfast in bed! Cold cereal, but hot coffee! He's a blessing.
Craig has posted on facebook this morning already. That means he's awake. I take joy in knowing the little things. When they first go off to college, you want to continue to talk to them all the time. I want to know what he ate, who he saw, what he did and how much sleep he's getting! But, as the weeks go on, I know I'll let go more and more. At least with Kyle it was that way. Every time I saw Kyle on messenger, I wanted to chat. He didn't! So, letting go is more than just difficult. It's nearly impossible and it rips your heart apart. (But I'm still smiling on the outside.)
Today I will leave the house. It's sad when the weather is so awesome but you feel like total crap and you don't even leave the house. Today I will leave the house. We need to get some supplies for the store and I need to get my body moving again. I may even meet up with ChaLean later today. wink wink.
I'm posting from my cute little netbook. Cute, but difficult to type on. So, as my darling daughter says, ttfn!
Did you know that originated from Tigger on Winnie the Pooh (Disney version, not the book)