Monday, August 31, 2009

Icing the Collarbone

Chiropractor's are amazing in my book. Sunday something really scarey happened. Out of the blue, while sorting laundry, of all things, I got a terrible pain / cramp in my left shoulder and down my back. It brought tears. It really was not something I've ever felt before. I waited, felt my pulse was completely normal, and I felt fine otherwise. The more I tried to stretch it, the worse it got. I had a total stiff neck within a few hours and told Greg who I wanted to sing at my funeral. Dramatic, yes.
Today, I went to the doctor. I felt somewhat better, but could tell all my muscles were still ready to scream at me. After determining I didn't have a heart attack, I explained that the centralized pain was on my collarbone. He touched it once and ordered xrays. As expected, the xrays showed no breaks or fractures. Remember, I was sorting and folding clothes! He determined it was probably a sudden flair up of arthritis. Wow. I picked up my anti-inflammatory meds at the local $4.00 prescription place and called my bff to vent. How stupid. Arthritis?
Within the hour, and after talking it over with Greg and Julie, (employee / niece-in-law) I visited my chiropractor. He, bless his heart, took time to listen to me, inspect the collarbone and validate that it probably was not an arthritis sudden flair up.
What he did was pop that collarbone back into it's place that God designed for it. Sweet relief.
I felt so much better, I worked out tonight. Since he said to take it easy on the push ups for a while, I only did them on my knees. :) I've only got a few more days of ChaLean Extreme to go and I refuse to just quit now! So, at this moment, I'm reclining on my bed, with an ice pack on my collarbone, as ordered, and my cute, tiny netbook propped just so, on my lap. Quite a sight, I'm sure.
Since there is quite a bit of swelling, I will take my $4.00 medication. It says it may cause drowsiness. Not yet. But I hope soon. I've got a full massage scheduled for tomorrow night. Joy upon joy!
Night all!

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