Monday, September 14, 2009

Putting ChaLean Away

Finished.  I am not super happy.  Just happy.  I know you shouldn't compare the exercise programs against each other, but it's hard not to. I'm just not as happy as I was with P90X.  In fact, I'm going to start P90X again.  I took pictures this weekend.  I am a bit smaller, but I'm just not that happy with it.  I didn't skip workouts.  I didn't do extra workouts or extra cardio either.  I just stuck to the plan.  I think my organizational skills need sharpening because I am not a good one to plan supper.  So, many times, we would get stuck in the what's for supper rut and I'd make the same stuff, over and over.  Not unhealthy stuff, mind you, just blah.  So, I vow to do better.  I must clean out my nasty freezer full of junk and yuck so I can get more stuff to put in it.  Fresher frozen chicken breasts maybe!  
Tonight, though, I am lazy.  Laying on the bed, typing and surfing the net.  No exercise tonight. My energy level seems to be highest after lunch, after my shakeology.  Too bad I'm stuck at work from 8-5.  Most nights I can just get busy and do a workout.  Not tonight.  I'm lonely, wishing for someone to talk to.  Pity parties are never pretty. 

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