Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Review One Step Too Far

I received this as a free preview from NetGalley and I had a hard time getting into the book initially. Each chapter dealt with a different character and I felt I was going back re-reading various chapters in order to make sense of it. I almost quit a few chapters in. However, I'm glad I read the book in it's entirety.

Emily is a confused, troubled woman. I did not appreciate the extent of her disturbed mind until the big twist was revealed toward the end.

The final, final ending I was not exactly pleased with. By the time it came around to wrap it all up, I felt almost betrayed by the author. I didn't know if I should even trust what was she was indicating. I think after you've invested so much time and energy into a character as a reader, then you get blind-sided by a HUGE secret, you feel hurt, almost "used".

I'm glad I read the book. I just don't agree that it will be the book everyone is talking about this Summer.

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